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Scavenging for ideas

An essential element of engaging writing is originality. We can’t keep trotting out the same ideas time after time and expect people to keep reading. But how…

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Curating quality content

Content curation can be a great way to provide a useful service to your website’s users and to attract new visitors without having to engage in the…

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Easy wins for content marketers

This article includes some suggestions for maximising your content production efficiency, particularly by making the most of existing content. Useful tips for the time starved writer! Why…

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The power of subheadings

This article is by Neil Patel, a self-proclaimed (not unreasonably) ‘Big Deal’ in online marketing. It focuses on the small, often overlooked sibling of the headline –…

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The value of storytelling for SEO

This article explains why storytelling isn’t just appealing to people – search engines love a good story too!   Why storytelling is good for SEO  

Top SEO tips for 2019

This article from the Search Engine Journal provides a list of useful pointers to help shape your SEO copywriting as well as your wider approach to creating…

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18 ways to hone your email content

This is a useful article from AWebber reminding us of some of the key things to think about when putting together email content. Well worth running through…

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Eight copywriting formulas

In this article, Social Media Examiner talks to Ray Edwards about copywriting. Ray offers eight powerful formulas for writing to sell that are easy to incorporate into…

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What makes a story stick?

This article is from Enchanting Marketing, and looks at what it is that makes stories memorable. It focuses on the idea of finding a vivid image or…

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Edit smarter

Here are Smart Blogger’s seven simple rules to focus the mind when copy editing: