Wordcraft Academy is part of Cambridge Executive Development Ltd.

When we started out back in 2003 we ran just one course, designed to help older marketers get to grips with the exotic new subject of ‘web marketing’. The course proved extremely popular; over the next few years we helped thousands of people take their first steps into the mysterious world of SEO, back-links and e-marketing.

A few years later we were filling courses introducing social media to marketers. Then came content marketing. Then online publishing platforms.

The fast churn of technology has driven a constant evolution in what people want to learn. Yet through it all and across media, the core skill that animates good marketing has remained the same: The ability to create persuasive, engaging and original writing.

* * *

It’s Wordcraft Academy’s mission to teach a new generation of copy and content writers the established techniques of great writing, and to show them how to use the latest and best platforms to get their words in front of as many of the right eyes as possible.

Based in Cambridge, we deliver in-house training UK-wide. For individual delegates, we offer a selection of open courses at our venue in Central London.

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Wordcraft Academy is a trade name of Cambridge Executive Development Ltd.
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Registered office: 6 Elsworth Road, Boxworth, Cambridge, CB23 4LX