Proven, compelling content, gifted facilitators, and an emphasis on practical application… Wordcraft Academy is more than your average training company.

Since 2003 we’ve worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of delegates to improve the impact of their written communications. Our clients include some of the country’s biggest and most famous brands.

We’ve always had a simple mission: To nurture creatives and marketers by providing knowledge of the latest trends and technologies and time-tested communication wisdom.

We want to help you and your team create the compelling, authentic and engaging written content demanded by today’s savvy audiences.

Our courses are developed and delivered by handpicked subject experts, chosen for their rare combination of ‘real world’ track record and training room talent. They include successful freelance creatives, agency heads, journalists, authors and social media gurus.

We can shape programme content to the needs of your delegates, working with you to ensure the maximum possible impact for your team. Through this process, we’ll provide you with a powerful, practical mix of relevant and usable insights.

Read more about our track record or get in touch to discuss how we can work for you and your team.