Essential Copywriting

Learn the secrets of effective copywriting

23 August, full day virtual workshop (also available ‘in-house’ for groups)

Do you want to increase the number of sales and enquiries generated by your sales emails, letters, brochures, adverts or website? If so, our Essential Copywriting training course could provide the boost your copywriting needs.

If you’re new to copywriting or lack formal training, it’s all too easy to produce good writing that’s also poor copy. Great copywriting requires artistry, but the best results come when creativity is coupled to a set of principles built up over a hundred years of marketing research.

By learning and applying these rules, you’ll see an instant impact on the results of your copywriting across a wide range of media. The Essential Copywriting training course offers you the chance to take time out to focus on getting this foundation right.

In a supportive, interactive atmosphere, the workshop also offers aspiring copywriters confidence boosting tips on using creativity, style and personality. You’ll get a chance to swap ideas with other copywriters from different sectors and backgrounds, as well as receiving advice and feedback from our expert trainer.

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone who writes persuasive writing as part of their job. It’s ideal for copywriters or marketers who have had no formal training in copywriting before.

More experienced writers – particularly those who have already had some training – might prefer the Advanced Copywriting course.

  • Plan your copywriting, starting with a blank page
  • How to identify and think about your audience’s characteristics and needs
  • The 8 golden rules – from thinking from the audience’s point of view to goal setting
  • How to grab readers’ attention
  • How to choose between long and short copy
  • How to write punchy headlines across a range of formats
  • 10 top tips for making your copy more compelling
  • Understand and use the WIIFM acronym to focus on your readers’ psychology
  • How and when to deploy ‘the call to action’ appropriately
  • Proofreading skills
  • How to vary tactics for the web, in sales emails and in brochures
  • How to overcome writer’s block
  1. Introductions
  2. Warm up copywriting exercise
  3. The art of the conversation
  4. What should you know before you start?
  5. Ten points for a planning process, including writing for your target markets
  6. Eight top tips for more effective copywriting – from achieving ‘pull through’ to writing from your reader’s point of view
  7. Other copywriting principles including transparency
  8. Exercise: editing a piece of copy
  9. Writing headlines: tips and ideas, and examples of a range of formats
  10. Ten top tips for creating more compelling body copy – including powerful starting points, avoiding clichés, overcoming objections, varying sentence structure and examining the difference between features and benefits. This segment will include some short exercises
  11. The importance of the call to action
  12. The checking/editing process – what are some of the points we should be looking for at this vital stage?
  13. Key principles of writing for emails and longer content
  14. Let’s write:
    Group discussion: about an exercise
    Group breakout: writing a first draft
    Group discussion: going through the above
  15. Any questions?
  16. Action points
  17. Finish
“Probably the best online training I’ve done... I’ve come away feeling like my knowledge has expanded ten-fold.”
Marketing Designer
Allies Computing
“Extremely useful and can’t wait to put into practise what I have learnt today.”
Leorita Stubbs
Cambridge University Press​
“I learnt a lot of valuable techniques which have changed the way I treat copy writing on a day-to-day basis.”
British Standards Institute
“Really practical advice with good structure – a great reminder of how to get it right.”
MGM Advantage

Virtual delivery

This workshop is delivered live via Zoom by our expert trainer for small groups of students. The content is split into several modules spread across the day to help keep everyone fresh and energised. We include lots of interaction and practical elements, just like in the classroom, with plenty of opportunities to try out new ideas, discuss experiences and get individual advice and feedback.

virtual training

Additional resources

This course also includes access to our Writers’ Study, a password protected webspace where we have posted articles, videos, tools and other useful content to help to continue developing as a copywriter after completing the course.

Gillian Heggs

Gillian’s experience as a copywriter who has written award winning work, combined with many years working as a trainer and communicator, make her a highly effective and popular teacher. Running her own copywriting agency for over a decade, she has worked with clients ranging from international household names to new start-ups, and has written everything from direct mail and brochures to TV ads. As a trainer Gillian especially enjoys the process of creating bespoke workshops focusing on specific industry issues and writing challenges. Her warm personality and engaging training style bring the best out of those she teaches, helping them build confidence as well as technique during their time together.

How to book

Next virtual course date

23 August – VIRUTAL (via Zoom)  


1 delegate: £395+VAT
2 delegates: £695+VAT
3 delegates: £945+VAT

In-house delivery

We can come to you to deliver this course at your offices, or can deliver the content via a live and interactive virtual course.

In most cases we can provide an all-inclusive quote to cover design, delivery and materials with some basic information:

  • Which course you are interested in
  • Where the course would take place (or if virtual)
  • How many delegates need to be trained

Just drop us a line with these basic facts and we’ll get back to you with a no-obligation quote on the same day.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this or any of our other courses, please get in touch and we’d be very happy to help.